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Demonstration to Stop the Rockaway Pipeline

Because of Hurricane Sandy and rising seas
Because the pipeline is their choice to continue with the disaster
Because we have taken so much already
Because it’s our beach
Because it’s our future

The Ugly American Goes to Chiapas: Correcting Hedges on the Zapatistas

A lie not only deceives others, turning them into objects to be manipulated and used, but a lie erodes trust, the cement that holds communities and relationships together. Lies lead to cynicism. This cynicism spreads outward like a disease until it blights the landscape. – Chris Hedges, “Decalogue VIII: Theft”, Losing Moses on the Freeway […]

Defend Rockaway: Stop the Pipeline

Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, forward to everyone you know – this Wednesday at 7PM we’ll meet at Arverne Pilgrim Church to connect with anyone interested in stopping the pipeline.

Defend Rockaway: Creating a Zone of Struggle this Summer and Fall

As the Occupation of Wall Street opened up a space that gestured at the possibility of living otherwise, we would hope Defend Rockaway would become a space in which reproducing life in the absence of corporate agriculture, fossil fuels, pipelines, private property, rent, wage labor, and political representation would become a real possibility, one that could spread to other parts of the city and beyond.

Sunday Dinners at 1882 Woodbine

Winter’s finally over, so come celebrate Spring with the first of our regular Sunday dinners at 1882 Woodbine. We’ll start prepping and cooking at 7, but others are encouraged to brings things to share as well: appetizers and desserts, drinks, whatever. #rhythms

Meeting on the Proposed Rockaway Pipeline

Please join us for an open meeting to discuss resistance to the Rockaway Delivery Lateral Project, a hazardous and unnecessary gas pipeline that will be built under the Rockaway Peninsula this summer. Resistance to this project would make visible in New York the intersection between climate change, environmentally destructive infrastructure, and questions of housing, space, and territory.

Ultra/NYC Film & Video Program: Mediterranean & Balkan Edition

We are currently traveling around southern Europe, along the Mediterranean and Balkans, meeting people, and giving presentations on some recent events and organizing in New York City over the last 5-10 years. Last December we did the same in a few places around France. This May and June we will visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, and Slovenia.

Diversity of Tactics in the Civil Rights Movement 1963-1964

As the mainstream media presents its sanitized retrospective of the movement in this era of civil rights anniversaries, join Lorenzo Raymond for a reclamation of People’s history and a salute to the mass militancy that changed America.

Living Communism: Discussion & Dinner

This is a call, an invitation, an offering, a proposal. On something we’ve been trying, continuing with rather stubbornly, against what many forces around us nudges us toward. We hope this discussion on “living communism” can be a space to share experiences and ideas, to brainstorm, to encourage and inspire each other. If it simply becomes another place, another event, to critique, deconstruct, problematize, to contemplate and ponder, it will be yet another missed opportunity.


for us, communism is not simply an ideology, discourse, or method of analysis, but a set of relations, a mode of being; something not measured by our list of publications, but rather our daily lives.

January Solidarity Dinner & Potluck at the Base

These dinners are part of a strategy to resist what our lives have and will become if we don’t get organized: atomized and dispersed; individualized and isolated; precarious and vulnerable: defeated. This means initiating and following-through with a set of practices and relations; being consistent and reliable; establishing the material foundation for a new form of life.

How Nonviolent Was the Civil Rights Movement? (21 Quotations)

Above: Birmingham police injured by rocks thrown by protesters, May 7, 1963 (AP Photo)  “My dream has become a nightmare,” Martin Luther King said in 1967, as a government he’d hoped could end racism and poverty instead escalated towards genocide in Vietnam.  Protesters in America would need to flirt with guerilla warfare before that particular nightmare […]

Be Like the Wolf

“Franny is listening to a program on wolves. I say to her, Would you like to be a wolf? She answers haughtily, How stupid, you can’t be one wolf, you’re always eight or nine, six or seven.” -Deleuze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus (1980) 1. After an absence of 70 years, the wolf is back. […]

Talking Transition and Strategy

While Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio wooed Manhattan liberals with his Duarte Square “Transition Tent”, the city’s dispossessed know that progress will never appear as an option on a public ballot. As fantastic as the end of Stop-and-Frisk, universal Pre-K, the decriminalization of marijuana, or whatever else the former pro-Sandinista had in mind, these are likely […]

Free Jerry, Spread Anarchy

To be present together, in this miserable city, to gather, out in the cold, to demonstrate, outside of this horrific building, against this attempt, to correct all those who reject the laws of the metropole; to be a nuisance, to cause a scene, to disrupt, or prevent, or block this non-life which flows all around […]