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Demonstration to Stop the Rockaway Pipeline

Because of Hurricane Sandy and rising seas
Because the pipeline is their choice to continue with the disaster
Because we have taken so much already
Because it’s our beach
Because it’s our future

Defend Rockaway: Stop the Pipeline

Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, forward to everyone you know – this Wednesday at 7PM we’ll meet at Arverne Pilgrim Church to connect with anyone interested in stopping the pipeline.

Defend Rockaway: Creating a Zone of Struggle this Summer and Fall

As the Occupation of Wall Street opened up a space that gestured at the possibility of living otherwise, we would hope Defend Rockaway would become a space in which reproducing life in the absence of corporate agriculture, fossil fuels, pipelines, private property, rent, wage labor, and political representation would become a real possibility, one that could spread to other parts of the city and beyond.

Meeting on the Proposed Rockaway Pipeline

Please join us for an open meeting to discuss resistance to the Rockaway Delivery Lateral Project, a hazardous and unnecessary gas pipeline that will be built under the Rockaway Peninsula this summer. Resistance to this project would make visible in New York the intersection between climate change, environmentally destructive infrastructure, and questions of housing, space, and territory.

El huracán Sandy y recuperación oscuro de Nueva York

o, Cosas que hay que tomar durante la insurrección que viene   1. La Central Eléctrica de NYU La Universidad de Nueva York, el tercer mayor terrateniente de la ciudad, tiene su propia central eléctrica independiente. En la noche del apagón, casi todas sus propiedades repartidas por todo el Greenwich Village en Manhattan, estaban iluminadas, […]

Construction Materials Expropriated from Luxury Developments in Manhattan, Delivered to Victims of Sandy

[PHOTO ATTACHED] Over the past two weeks, a group of concerned New Yorkers has been expropriating thousands of dollars worth of tools and materials from luxury residential developments across Manhattan and delivering them to neighborhoods devastated by Superstorm Sandy. The confiscated materials, some of them never even used, include: […]

Interviews from Far Rockaway

Interviews with residents and volunteers in Far Rockaway, Queens, a neighborhood that remains in the dark, still grappling with the destruction caused by Sandy. Altruism Highs and Lows Driving the car towards the flood plains of Far Rockaway, flood pains, there is an airport shift to the air and it feels like a fucking stroke […]

Superstorm Sandy and New York City’s Dark Recovery

or, Things to be Seized during the Coming Insurrection   1. NYU’s Power Plant New York University, the city’s third largest landowner, is currently running on its own separate power grid. On the night of the blackout, nearly all of its properties dotting Manhattan’s Greenwich Village were lit up and they remain so tonight, even […]