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No Murderers As Teachers

Those brave enough to prick their pins in the inflated arrogance of these murders must be prepared for the absurd, howling reaction of the collaborationists: Brutalizing and criminalizing with the ultimate intent of silencing the voices and deadening the nerves that cry out.

Tonight: From Jerry Koch to Assata Shakur: Legacies of Political Repression

We’ll be attending a political prisoner letter-writing potluck tonight at the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community & Student Center at the City College of New York (CCNY).

We hope to share information about our comrade Jerry Koch, and connect with other radical organizers in New York City doing support work for long-term political prisoners.

An Open Discussion on the History and Future of Radical Student Struggle

Saturday May 18th at 3:15 PM as part of the Free University in front of Cooper Union at E 7th St and 3rd Ave: Join an open discussion with Cooper Union students and veterans of the 2008-2010 student occupations at the University of California and The New School about the recent history of, and possible […]

Cooper Union Update

[UPDATE—May 9: 75+ students are currently locked down in president Bharucha’s office and the NYPD are on scene.] On April 23, 2013, Cooper Union’s board of trustees announced that they will begin charging tuition, ending the university’s 154-year-old mission of providing free education to all those […]

Why is Cooper Union Being Occupied?

One of the nation’s last bastions of free education is under attack. This 24-page mini-zine contains occupiers’ statements, leaked administration documents, and newspaper articles explaining why Cooper Union is currently being occupied by students.

Debt or Die

Students are not trained for careers; we are indebted to precarity. The debt we accumulate individualizes, classifies, and isolates our collective subjugation. When the media speaks of the debt crisis, it separates it into categories of mortgages, credit-consumer based debt, and student loans. Educational institutions that market an ever-expanding array of specialized fields commit a […]

From Wildcat to Insurrection, from insurrection to wildcat: Screening Day

15 July 2012 – 3:30PM The Brecht Forum 451 West Street, New York, NY 10014 A full-day screening program organized with the Our Lives Are Not Negotiable reading group. Please join us for discussion, food, and drink (please bring things to share!). OLANN, organized through the Public School New York, has met 25 times since […]