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Sunday: Welcoming the Newest NYC Radical Project: The Base

On Sunday we’ll be participating in a discussion with some comrades in advance of the opening of The Base, a new social center scheduled to open this August in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. We’ll be talking about some of the work we’ve been doing in the past year, and some of what we hope to do in the near future, in particular forms of organizing that a new radical movement space in Brooklyn might facilitate.

Some Questions on Left Programmatism

derived entirely from the 2013 Left Forum program

The Weather is Changing

[read] [print] AGAINST VOWS OF CHASTITY, FOR A PROLETARIAN WORLD (WIDE WEB) 1. In a bureaucratic society, how do we maintain our interest, from where do we derive pleasure? …in a society whose institutions, even the family, serve only to corrupt our capacity for love / when it is only within its empty spaces that […]