Some Questions on Left Programmatism

derived entirely from the 2013 Left Forum program:

Have we Really Come a Long Way?
What can we do about it?
Middle class? Working class? What’s the difference and why does it matter?
Too Many People?
Which side are they on?
So should we intervene in Syria?
Demobilizing Swamp or Tactic for Social Transformation?
Sexual assault, Feminism, and Materialist Politics: Which Way Forward for the Left?
Why and How?
Can there be development without Justice, Freedom, and Sovereignty?
Has the economy been mystifying you lately?
Are there alternatives to the increasingly brutal capitalist system on the horizon?
Marx’s Humanism: Folly, Peripheral, or Integral to his Philosophy?
Can trade unions and NGOs make the transition to horizontalism?
What Will it Take to Move from Resistance to Revolution?
What’s our best hope?
Or does it Wither?
Can Keynesian Reforms Save the System?
What Will it Take to Wake a Moribund Left?
What Can Environmentalism Do?
Is it True that People Need their “Consciousness Raised”?
Can Gentrification and Corporate Development Benefit the Poor?
What Path for the Future?
The corporate left—does it exist and what does it do?
Is the Left Trafficking in Neo-Puritanism?
Are Situationist Ideas Still Relevant?
What is Deep Green Resistance?
21st Century Mercenaries?
Will Solar Socialism Be The New Sewer Socialism?
Why bother redeeming ‘primitive’ communism?
What Can Activists Learn from Social Movement Scholarship?
Does the National Initiative to Hire Veterans First help facilitate equity or deny it to
Enemies or allies?
Which Way Forward From Neoliberalism and Racial Capitalism?
What Kind of Economics Do We Need?
Revolution without Marx?
Who’s gonna break the Travel Ban?
A Basic Income for All?
What Would/Does a Feminist Labor Movement Look Like?
Wind, Water & Solar, or Liquid-Fuel Thorium?
What’s being done to fight it?
What Is African American Studies?