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Urban Uprising Film Series #1

Thursday, November 15th – 6:00 PM MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Center In the lead-up to the Urban Uprising: Re-Imagining the City Conference, the Right to the City Alliance, AFFECT/New York Year Zero, and Brecht Forum begin the first in a series of free screenings and discussions featuring films about urban life and the history of struggle […]

No Watermarks, No Masters: Palante

LIBERATED FROM THE ARCHIVES: 11 issues of Palante, the radical bilingual newspaper published from 1969-72 by the New York City chapter of the Young Lords. This is a record of urban resistance during a critical moment in this city’s history—a record unadulterated, unabridged, and set free from the historian’s retrospective gaze. From rent strikes to free breakfasts, from […]

A Brief History of the 23rd Precinct

We walked off together up to Third Avenue and it was already starting to happen. Everywhere we looked were policemen. I saw a bottle thrown out of a window. It looked like a star and when it hit the street, it made a long path of bright yellow fire, a Molotov cocktail. Then I saw […]

Fuck the Police, Coming Straight from the Underground

The New York City Police Department is a racist institution, organized to repress people of color, immigrants, and the poor. Residents of our city are not stopped and frisked for their supposed possession of drugs and guns, they are stopped and frisked because of their skin color and ethnicity, their gender and their age (91% […]