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Ultra/NYC Film & Video Program: Mediterranean & Balkan Edition

We are currently traveling around southern Europe, along the Mediterranean and Balkans, meeting people, and giving presentations on some recent events and organizing in New York City over the last 5-10 years. Last December we did the same in a few places around France. This May and June we will visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, and Slovenia.


for us, communism is not simply an ideology, discourse, or method of analysis, but a set of relations, a mode of being; something not measured by our list of publications, but rather our daily lives.

On Resistance and Cinema

1. The important thing is not to make political films, nor to make films politically, but rather to engage seriously in the political, collectively. This does not mean to become politicians, but rather to overthrow what politics has come to mean in 2013. 2. Film and video are only tools, tools that offer a mediated […]

Ethnography as Resistance: These Streets are Watching

As part of its Urban Uprisings series of screenings and discussions, the Brecht Forum is hosting a panel around Jacob Crawford’s These Streets Are Watching (2003, 53 minutes) on Monday. From the Brecht Forum: “2012 saw an upsurge in protests against the NYPD’s policy of “stop and frisk,” a tactic aimed at criminalizing Black and […]

TONIGHT: Global Uprisings Revisited, Austerity Continued, PIGS in Crisis

A follow-up to the event in December at the Brecht Forum with Brandon and Marianne, to continue and expand the discussion on movements in Greece, Spain, and Portugal, and our relationship to them here in New York. Monday January 7th 2013 – 7PM Spectacle Theater 124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 We’ll be showing […]

Friends, Owls, Turtle Doves, Greece, Chrismas: Chris Marker & Us

Wednesday — 12.26.12 — Friends, Owls, Turtle Doves, Greece, Chrismas — Chris Marker & Us Contents: 0. Friends, Owls, Turtle Doves, Greece, Christmas — Chris Marker & Us 1. About this Wednesday 2. The 13 episodes of The Owl’s Legacy 3. Chrismas with Comrades 4. Catherine Lupton on The Owl’s Legacy 5. Chris Marker on […]

Global Uprisings in the Age of Austerity

Friday, December 14th at The Brecht Forum: A night of video dispatches from the front lines of movements in Spain, Greece, and Portugal. Since the dawn of the most recent crisis of capitalism in 2008, there have been uprisings all over the globe. Around the world, advocates for a different world […]

Urban Uprising Film Series #1

Thursday, November 15th –¬†6:00 PM MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Center In the lead-up to the Urban Uprising: Re-Imagining the City Conference, the Right to the City Alliance, AFFECT/New York Year Zero, and¬†Brecht Forum begin the first in a series of free screenings and discussions featuring films about urban life and the history of struggle […]

Interviews from Far Rockaway

Interviews with residents and volunteers in Far Rockaway, Queens, a neighborhood that remains in the dark, still grappling with the destruction caused by Sandy. Altruism Highs and Lows Driving the car towards the flood plains of Far Rockaway, flood pains, there is an airport shift to the air and it feels like a fucking stroke […]

Letter Writing to Political Prisoners

13 August 2012 – 4PM The Turnhalle Franz-Ulrich Strasse, 20, 34117, Kassel, Germany There are those events which one never leaves – a single moment, a miscommunication at a meeting, a misstep on a march. Say the wrong thing to a cop or a judge, and you lose one hundred days, years, imprisoned. As you […]

From Wildcat to Insurrection, from insurrection to wildcat: Screening Day

15 July 2012 – 3:30PM The Brecht Forum 451 West Street, New York, NY 10014 A full-day screening program organized with the Our Lives Are Not Negotiable reading group. Please join us for discussion, food, and drink (please bring things to share!). OLANN, organized through the Public School New York, has met 25 times since […]