Global Uprisings in the Age of Austerity

A night of video dispatches from the front lines of movements in Spain, Greece, and Portugal.

14 December 2012 – 7PM
The Brecht Forum
451 West Street, New York, NY 10014

Since the dawn of the most recent crisis of capitalism in 2008, there have been uprisings all over the globe. Around the world, advocates for a different world and different social relations have engaged in strikes, riots, and occupations, while simultaneously creating networks of solidarity and mutual aid.

Filmmaker Brandon Jourdan and researcher Marianne Maeckelbergh have been documenting these revolts as they unfold, reporting from Greece, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, the UK and the US as part of their online film series at Their reports have been featured on news outlets and websites like Democracy Now, Grit TV, Adbusters,, Salon, Reflections on a Revolution, Stir, and CounterPunch.

They will join us on December 14th at the Brecht Forum for a salon and retrospective of their mini documentaries from Greece, Spain and Portugal together with a discussion about the evolution of the Euro crisis in Southern Europe and how people are organizing in response to the crisis.

Their most recent video, LISBON CALLING, covers events in Portugal around the November 14th general strike. This event should be a good follow-up to the Skype discussion we had with Portuguese comrades and Making Worlds on October 20th. We showed a number of Global Uprisings videos in our series of general strike screenings leading up to May Day 2012, and Brandon and Marianne participated in THE CRISIS OF EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE seminar we helped organize with the 16 Beaver Group last January.

Marianne Maeckelbergh is Associate Professor in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University, the Netherlands. She is the author of The Will of the Many: How the Alterglobalisation Movement is Changing the Face of Democracy and is a member of the World Financial Crisis Research Group.

Brandon Jourdan is an award-winning independent filmmaker, journalist, and writer. Jourdan has contributed to the NY Times, CNN, Reuters, Deep Dish TV, Democracy Now!, the Independent Media Center, Now with Bill Moyers, Foreign Exchange, and Free Speech Television. He is currently based in the Netherlands, where he is covering reactions to the financial crisis.