Irish filmmaker Donal Foreman, a comrade of ours, released a new video, Kittens/Communism (Communism is Something People Create). It features excerpted dialogue from a conversation we participated in with Radio Al Cabira in April 2013 at Cage. The audio can be heard in full here:

At first we found it a bit embarrassing. Paired with the cuteness of these playful kittens, the vulnerability of the political position we were trying to articulate left us a bit self-conscious. Because in this world, wanting to emphasize supporting and caring for each other–not taking for granted how we’re able to reproduce and sustain ourselves–is valued less than certain performances of militancy and its discourses. In this world, struggle is often measured more by rhetoric and ideology, rather than life itself.

Staggeringly, precarity and austerity remain for many simply a phenomenon to be contemplated and analyzed, rather than an immediate reality in which we ourselves are directly affected: the experience of hunger, anxiety, doubt, shame, depression; the uncertainty of not the future, but tomorrow.

Thus, for us, communism is not simply an ideology, discourse, or method of analysis, but a set of relations, a mode of being; something not measured by our list of publications, but rather our daily lives.

Donal Foreman:
Radio Al Cabira: