January Solidarity Dinner & Potluck at the Base

Saturday, January 25th 2013, 7PM
The Base
1302 Myrtle Avenue, NY 11221
$3 Suggested Donation

Come hang out with us Saturday at the Base at our first communal dinner and potluck of the new year. As always, we’ll cook a simple vegan meal, but encourage others to bring something to share as well: fruits, vegetables to cook or eat raw, breads and cheeses, wines and juices, sweets–whatever. We ask for a small $3 suggested donation to help cover the costs of the dinner.

These dinners are part of a strategy to resist what our lives have and will become if we don’t get organized: atomized and dispersed; individualized and isolated; precarious and vulnerable: defeated. This means initiating and following-through with a set of practices and relations; being consistent and reliable; establishing the material foundation for a new form of life. To organize collectively around our needs and desires with friends, comrades, lovers, roommates, neighbors, co-workers and family members will be the basis for our communes.

We want to share some moments together; we want to find each other; we want to move towards collectively sustaining ourselves outside of our individual relations with the marketplace and state.

While these dinners are not meant to be formal assemblies or meetings, we expect and encourage comrades to discuss current and future struggles in New York City and beyond. We’d like this to happen outside of the traditional structures and temporalities of activism, with its specialization and professionalization of the political. Resistance and struggle will be part of life itself, or not at all.

The Base: thebasebk.org