Demonstration to Stop the Rockaway Pipeline

via No Rockaway Pipeline

Saturday, July 19th 2014 – 3pm
Beach 169th St at Jacob Riis Park Promenade
Breezy Point, NY 11697

Because of Hurricane Sandy and rising seas
Because the pipeline is their choice to continue with the disaster
Because we have taken so much already
Because it’s our beach
Because it’s our future

Getting there: On the beach, at the bottom of Beach 169th St, where Riis
meets Tilden.
Q22 or Q35
Alexis Van Lines:
NYC Beach Bus:
Bushwick Beach Bus:

The power is in our hands, not the regulators’, the corporations’, or the politicians’!

Construction won’t be done until the fall, according to the company’s own estimates. We can still stop the pipeline!

This Saturday, Rockaways residents, beach-goers, artists, museum users, and anyone concerned about the well-being of New York and the planet will gather to demonstrate that we, not FERC or Williams Co., are the decision-makers on the Rockaway Pipeline. We pledge to resist the construction of new environmentally destructive infrastructure that threatens communities still recovering from one of the worst urban natural disasters caused by climate change to date, as well as the beach and nearby wildlife. Alongside this looming monstrosity, we’ll create a space that gestures at the possibility of a world other than the pipeline’s-a world in which self-sustaining communities, not private corporations or rubber stamp agencies, determine the use of land and space. This new world is already being built in the Rockaways through the creation of workers’ co-operatives, urban farming projects, and a community benefits agreement on new development. Resisting the pipeline is about complementing/expanding this emerging zone of community autonomy, in direct defiance of an attempt to use the crisis as an opportunity to push through dangerous and unnecessary new infrastructure for the sake of corporate profit margins and the United States’ jingoistic foreign policy objectives.

See you at the beach!