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Saturday: Diversity of Tactics in the Civil Rights Movement, 1956-1965: A Case Study

Popular history characterizes the civil rights struggle as part of what historian Andrew Hartman calls the “good sixties” – a period when social movements were supposedly pacifistic and innately liberal – but the scholarly consensus is coming to agree that the Black freedom movement did not win its greatest victories until it resorted to radical and diverse tactics.

Monday: On Jerry Koch, some stories of Political Repression, and Resistance

Monday — 07.01.13 — On Jerry Koch, some stories of Political Repression, and Resistance Contents: 0. On Jerry Koch, some stories of Political Repression, and Resistance 1. About this Monday 2. Two statements by Jerry Koch on grand juries 3. Bob Lederer on grand juries (1985) 4. Our guests: Tarik “Gunnie” Haskins, Bob Lederer, Dequi […]

The G20 Five and an Interview with Guelph Anarchist Black Cross

Our comrade Dane Rossman is currently locked up at Toronto West Detention Centre in Ontario, Canada. Dane was extradited June 14th, after being held without bail since February 21st at the Central Arizona Detention Center in Florence, Arizona. Another comrade, Joel Bitar, is currently free on bail in New York, awaiting the start of his […]

Pacifism and the Coma of Occupy

Watching the heart wrenching scenes of resistance, repression, and mass rebellion in both Turkey and Brazil this month is a bittersweet, and in some ways shameful, experience. For an American, it can only bring to mind the Occupy moment of two years ago – the moment that was torn away from us, and that we failed to muster any similar courage to defend.

Some Questions on Left Programmatism

derived entirely from the 2013 Left Forum program

Wednesday: Beyond Good and Evil (for Jerry)

We will gather tomorrow at 7pm at Prospect Park to discuss the first part of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil, “On the Prejudices of Philosophers”, which is about 23 pages. We invite any and all to join us to discuss Jerry’s and our situation, Nietzsche, and whatever else. We will give ourselves some time Wednesday to write notes to Jerry, to share some thoughts with him, and ask him what the fuck is up with Nietzsche, anyway?

Tonight: From Jerry Koch to Assata Shakur: Legacies of Political Repression

We’ll be attending a political prisoner letter-writing potluck tonight at the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community & Student Center at the City College of New York (CCNY).

We hope to share information about our comrade Jerry Koch, and connect with other radical organizers in New York City doing support work for long-term political prisoners.

Fuck a Grand Jury: Free Jerry Koch

A support zine for NYC political prisoner Jerry Koch, collecting his statements on resisting the grand jury, messages from the support committee, our solidarity statement, and letter writing guidelines. Download | Print

A statement of solidarity with Jerry Koch following his imprisonment, and a message to our fellow militants in New York

In the last two weeks we have watched as the state has shamelessly taken our comrade Jerry Koch away from his family, loved ones, and political allies. Jerry has chosen to resist the grand jury not only out of principle and an assertion of his rights, but also to protect the radical milieu from further […]

An Open Discussion on the History and Future of Radical Student Struggle

Saturday May 18th at 3:15 PM as part of the Free University in front of Cooper Union at E 7th St and 3rd Ave: Join an open discussion with Cooper Union students and veterans of the 2008-2010 student occupations at the University of California and The New School about the recent history of, and possible […]

Cooper Union Update

[UPDATE—May 9: 75+ students are currently locked down in president Bharucha’s office and the NYPD are on scene.] On April 23, 2013, Cooper Union’s board of trustees announced that they will begin charging tuition, ending the university’s 154-year-old mission of providing free education to all those […]

Saturday: Solidarity Dinner & Potluck at the Brecht Forum

All are invited to an open communal dinner and potluck at the Brecht Forum this Saturday. We’ll be cooking a simple vegan meal, but encourage others to bring food as well: fruits, vegetables to cook or eat raw, breads and cheeses, wines and juices, chocolates, sweets, etc., whatever you want to bring, cook, share with others. We’re asking for a small $3 suggested donation to help cover the costs of the food we’ll be cooking.

A Forum on the Police

Sunday, April 7th at 3:45PM at the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center at 107 Suffolk St: We invite all to participate in an open forum on our New York Police Department. We hope to hear some different analyses, reportbacks, and ideas, as we continue to strategize towards developing a stronger force against the police, and for communism.

New Yorkers on the NYPD

Interviews: What do you think of the NYPD?

Strike is a Verb! From taking over space to taking over time

Occupy Wall Street as seen by AFFECT. The following questions were posed by e-mail by Ana Bigotte Vieira and Miguel Castro Caldas between November 2012 and January 2013.