New Yorkers on the NYPD

(i)What do you think of the NYPD?

They fucking suck.
Fuck them.
I hate them so much.
This is like courtesy, professionalism and respect, and they don’t do any of that shit.

(i)Have you ever had any run-ins with the NYPD?

No. I’ve actually been really lucky considering what I’ve done.

But I did get stopped skating in the subway, and I had a mad dog in my hand, and I was like 19 and I tossed it to my friend, while the police, like, well like a cop or an undercover was like grabbing me and my friend and I just like gave the friend, gave the bag to my friend and he’s like “what’s in the bag” “what’s in the bag” and I’m like, nothing nothing and he kept on asking me more and more about it and I’m like yo you’re freaking me the fuck out now and you need to chill.

and then he did, which was cool.

(i)What do you think of the NYPD?


(i)Or what’s your relationship with the NYPD?

You know, I mean, they do their best job to try and protect us.
Yeah I think they’re doing an alright job.

(i)Have you ever had any run-ins with the cops?

Yeah actually, a few, and like, I don’t know most of the times they were nonchalant like I have gotten tickets but uh one time they actually let me go.

(i) that’s good.

Yeah, so, I don’t know. It is a little biased, you know?

(i) ok


(i) How do you feel about the NYPD or what’s your relationship with the NYPD?

I’ve never, I’ve only gotten like seat belt tickets… lots of parking tickets… I’ve never been approached on the street or anything and I don’t plan to be, but, uhhh
I don’t know from what I’ve read, they’re not… commissioner ray kelly… they’re not really… ran well… or managed, as an organization.


(i) What do you think of the NYPD or what’s your, ya know?

Uh, I think they’re, uh, probably overpaid for what they do.
Uh, but, I don’t know.

(i) Have you had any run-ins?

No, I mean, I’ve seen a few things, though so, uh, I was living in Brooklyn and I saw, uh, I was walking home and like there were these undercover cops, like, you know, they just dress in normal clothes like you just can’t tell and um, these two dudes walking down the street, I mean, I didn’t see them do anything, but you know like, uh, the next thing you know these two guys, random guys in regular clothes just get this guy and just…(interruption)
and just throw him in the car and start doing that, their whole little whatever, whole deal so, you know, I think. (It’s done) I don’t know I think, uh, um, yeah, NYPD, I think the little three wheeled things they ride around in are hilarious.
And you always, and what’s even more hilarious is that I would say a good 80% of the time that I see (laughs) a cop driving them they’re either like, texting, or smoking out the window. It’s hilarious, like I know, we’re funding that.


(i)How do you feel about the NYPD?

oooh, the NYPD? honestly? I feel like they’re so fucking lazy, like because I went to school in Tribeca, and there’s a precinct right by me, and it’s like, how can you be that heavy set and be a cop, who the fuck are you chasing?
You know what I mean because it build in, like it plays into the stereotype of you guys like eating doughnuts and stuff like that and not doing shit, and I feel like they’re a little bit too abrasive and they’re always like, oh I, they’re, need something to be doing, so like, they overreact. I feel like they overreact and they’re lazy ass motherfuckers. Fuck the police.


(i) How do you feel about the NYPD?

I mean, you know, they do what they do. They do their job sometimes and sometimes they don’t but…

(i) have you had any experiences with the NYPD?

Um, i got a ticket once, because I jumped over the… (searches for word)

(i) turnstile?

the turnstile.

(i) so did you get arrested or just get a ticket?

No I just got a ticket.

(i) That’s good.



(i) What’s your relationship like with the police?

I’m afraid of the police. (laughs) because they always pull me over. I don’t like being in front of the police. But in person I like police, I just don’t like being on the road with police.


(i) What’s your relationship with the NYPD?

Very good.


(i) What’s your relationship with the NYPD or what do you think about the NYPD?

I, um, I moved here in August and I have had no interactions – knock on wood- (looks for wood) – somewhere- (knocks on stool)
with the NYPD so, that’s good so far.


(i) What do you think about the NYPD?

Fuck the Police.
Just kidding.
The punk in me wants to say fuck the police, uh, the, my actual self, thinks that it’s, you know, anyone who puts their lives at risk to help other people is pretty admirable.

(i) that’s very diplomatic

what can I say, vote for me (makes peace sign)

(11) 2 people

(i) what do you think of the NYPD?

1. fuck them – straight up – that’s my answer.

2. I don’t care. I don’t care about them.


(i) What do you think about the NYPD?

um the NYPD, I feel like they’re uh, I have a cousin who’s in the NYPD and I just feel like, he tells me that, they’re corrupt so I mean, from that, I just say that a lot of police officers I can’t really trust in New York. If I were like, a lot of people, a lot of police officers at my old town, in Jersey, I wold trust them because I haven’t heard anything bad about them but I just hear that a lot of NYPD officers are corrupt so, and, the, you know, stations are corrupt so I wouldn’t really believe in them.

(13) 9 people

(i)What do you think about the NYPD, or what relationship do you have with the cops?

uhhhh tssss uhhhh

1. I like cops.
I like cops if they star on law and order and their names are Ice T.

2. or Elliot, on SVU

3. That’s what it’s all about.

4. Officer Christopher Maloney.
5. That’s my boyfriend.
1. Twerking to the law and order theme song, like me personally.
5. I feel like I can’t trust a lot of NYPD cops though.
4 I can, I’ve had my life saved a few times. No really, I have.
5. My cousins in NYPD and he keeps saying a lot of police are corrupted so.
6. well everything’s corrupt.
2. yeah, all everyone’s corrupted there’s no doubt about that, everyone’s got connections no doubt about that.
5. So you really can’t trust
7. I gave up on cops.
1. really?
5. they gave me a ticket for
7. You know, I like followed in this rule of like, don’t say anything, don’t bother anybody, walk away, whatever, but, then I just decided like, if they’re the people you’re supposed to go to for help, they shouldn’t make situations where you need help happen, and like, I think cops are kind of dicks now.

When I was coming home one time at three in the morning on my street, I’ve lived downtown, for, you know, almost two years. It doesn’t, it’s not a lot of time, but like, to always think to have an image of a cop as someone who can help you, as we know a female, and then like, you walk down your street at 3am in the morning and there’s a paddy wagon full of them and they’re cat calling at you, and they’re the only ones on the street. It might seem so stupid but that’s the only experience I’ve had with a cop, directed to me, cause I’ve always just ignored. But then for that to be my first reaction with a cop, it’s like alright, so who do I go to when I need help?
1. But should our first initial impression of the NYPD be like for every 10 cops that like, wanna do like, bad, terrible, school bully shit, there’s like 20 cops that are actually there, like for good reasons. Like maybe they don’t really necessarily help me but, I’m resourceful, I’m smart, I can get out of, pretty much anything but like for cops that like really, help people, like really help people, like and like their job and are good at it. Good for them you know, I’ll believe it when I see it.
4. You know, whenever I got, whenever somebody broke into my apartment, I got all my shit stolen and I got beaten the fuck up. they found of the guys that did it and they were really helpful and gave me all their numbers and they got, I feel like I got sufficient help.
2. there are a lot of good cops out there.
8. It’s like the same statistics on people. You got good people, bad people, just, they’re under a certain faction of
2. yeah.
8. that’s a hard job, you know.
7. I don’t think I could be a cop.
1. Hell no.
7. I don’t think I could be a cop, no way.
1. do you know how many ex-boyfriends you’d (??) if you were a cop? oooh, you all go now. bye.
2. It is a lot of work, I mean, you do see a lot of them like, standing around a lot but you don’t really know, like, what they do outside of them standing around. So, I mean, there are, whenever I see a cop, like, you know, just standing there on the corner, I kid around with them all the time, like I’ll say whatever stupid thing that comes to mind. They smile about it, joke around with me, and then go about my day, but I mean like he said, good cops and bad cops. It’s hit of miss.
1. You know what I like about cops? I like, the one thing that I always like, I, uh, sometimes, like you know, when I see them take their hat off, that little slot they have, and they keep pictures of their family and shit.
2. Yeah that’s awesome.
1. That is fucking awesome, like, and firefighters too like if you weren’t from New York and
?. firefighters (basically a fucking chorus)
4. firefighters in the bronx, they’re the hottest ones
2. every firefighter knows it.
7. firefighterrrrrrssss
4. This is the question that got us talking the most?
1. Yeah.
4. What do you think about cops?
1. Cause everybody’s here’s dealt with cops, we all chill. I feel like, everyone here has dealt with them in some sort of small faction, like, we have our experiences, like, you know, we should talk about these things people that live in New York.

1. Look but I’m not trying to get arrested for like a dime bag so…



NYPD, you know, shout out to you, but, you guys just gotta be more careful with the shootings, like, with those, you know, control your guns. Control yourselves, and chill, chill out, but other than that, you know, good, good job. You guys are cool, but just take it easy. Ok?


(i) How do you feel about the NYPD?

Well when I was young, I used to be intimidated by the NYPD, and then as I got older, then the cops… now I think of them as serving me.

(i) they work for you?

They work for me. They protect me, and I’ve done, I know some cops, uh, I did a project years ago, uh, I made a show about double dutch jump rope competition, h, that uh, there, these cops, uh, started a league, for kids, to give kids something to do that’s inexpensive and engaging to them, and I got to know these cops, and, uh, and then a lot fo the double dutch girls that I know from the documentary that I made, it’s called pick up your feet the double dutch show and a lot of the kids that were my friend from that, they were sixteen at the time and then they got older and they became cops. And so, I, you know, I recognize that cops are, you know, uh, not always happy with their job. That’s it’s a really difficult job, um, and there’s good cops and bad cops, so for instance, uh, in November, my son was at, uh, the continental. Do you know where that is? On Bowery and St. Marks?
(i) yeah
or 2nd Avenue? somewhere over there?
(i) The continental? I mean I, couldn’t tell you off the top of my head.
It’s like ten shots for a dollar or something ridiculous.
(i) those days are long behind me
Well he was there and uh, a friend of his was getting harrassed by the bouncers and he came over and there was a cop there and he put his hand on the cop and then they… beat him up, and arrested him, and, he’s still uh, he has a court date February 22nd, and uh, so there’s good cops and there’s bad cops, and, it’s just the way it is.

(i) How do you feel about the NYPD?

I think they’re a myth.
I don’t believe in it.

(i) is that your final answer?

What? I’m supposed to say a lot of stuff or just a few words?

(i) what? what you had an run-ins with the NYPD?

Oh yeah. yeah. but is still don’t believe in them.

(i) What is your, uh, relationship with the NYPD?

you know, I hate the cops, I hate the cops.
the cops made me like, lose a job one time because, I had an interview and I was late, the cops had patted me down like I’ve had at least two run-ins with the cops, weekly, like
(i) like stop and frisk?
yeah, like, not stop and frisk but most of the time I smell like weed but I have a whole online magazine and stuff so, I do like artistic stuff but at the same time I need a way, to like, get that out so, and the cops are just always fucking with me. They’re always fucking with me for no reason. I don’t really feel like they, they pay attention to what thy should be paying attention to…but you can’t say that about every cop. Every cop is different but for the most part, I don’t fuck with them. I don’t fuck with them at all.