In the last few years Portugal has been singled out as the well-behaved student of the IMF and EU, quietly taking note of the teacher’s class while all the others were wreaking havoc. Unlike Greece and other countries, which regularly provide footage of massive demonstrations for the rest of the world to see, in Portugal, besides minor […]

A follow-up to the event in December at the Brecht Forum with Brandon and Marianne, to continue and expand the discussion on movements in Greece, Spain, and Portugal, and our relationship to them here in New York. Monday January 7th 2013 – 7PM Spectacle Theater 124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 We’ll be showing […]

Wednesday — 12.26.12 — Friends, Owls, Turtle Doves, Greece, Chrismas — Chris Marker & Us Contents: 0. Friends, Owls, Turtle Doves, Greece, Christmas — Chris Marker & Us 1. About this Wednesday 2. The 13 episodes of The Owl’s Legacy 3. Chrismas with Comrades 4. Catherine Lupton on The Owl’s Legacy 5. Chris Marker on […]

Friday, December 14th at The Brecht Forum: A night of video dispatches from the front lines of movements in Spain, Greece, and Portugal. Since the dawn of the most recent crisis of capitalism in 2008, there have been uprisings all over the globe. Around the world, advocates for a different world […]

Call for Submissions: Journal of Anti-Police Organizing in NYC; We are putting together a collection of writings on the police. The hope is for this collection to document many analyses, experiences, tendencies, and voices, and for this collection to serve as a resource to develop ongoing organizing efforts against the police in New York City.

One of the nation’s last bastions of free education is under attack. This 24-page mini-zine contains occupiers’ statements, leaked administration documents, and newspaper articles explaining why Cooper Union is currently being occupied by students.

Students are not trained for careers; we are indebted to precarity. The debt we accumulate individualizes, classifies, and isolates our collective subjugation. When the media speaks of the debt crisis, it separates it into categories of mortgages, credit-consumer based debt, and student loans. Educational institutions that market an ever-expanding array of specialized fields commit a […]

[PHOTO ATTACHED] Over the past two weeks, a group of concerned New Yorkers has been expropriating thousands of dollars worth of tools and materials from luxury residential developments across Manhattan and delivering them to neighborhoods devastated by Superstorm Sandy. The confiscated materials, some of them never even used, include: […]

“We intend to march on the police machine everywhere. We intend to destroy the police machine and all its records. We intend to destroy all dogmatic verbal systems. The family unit and its cancerous expansion into tribes, countries, nations we will eradicate at its vegetable roots. We don’t want to hear any more family talk, […]

Thursday, November 15th – 6:00 PM MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Center In the lead-up to the Urban Uprising: Re-Imagining the City Conference, the Right to the City Alliance, AFFECT/New York Year Zero, and Brecht Forum begin the first in a series of free screenings and discussions featuring films about urban life and the history of struggle […]

Interviews with residents and volunteers in Far Rockaway, Queens, a neighborhood that remains in the dark, still grappling with the destruction caused by Sandy. Altruism Highs and Lows Driving the car towards the flood plains of Far Rockaway, flood pains, there is an airport shift to the air and it feels like a fucking stroke […]

or, Things to be Seized during the Coming Insurrection   1. NYU’s Power Plant New York University, the city’s third largest landowner, is currently running on its own separate power grid. On the night of the blackout, nearly all of its properties dotting Manhattan’s Greenwich Village were lit up and they remain so tonight, even […]

Providing an overview of the circumstances surrounding the imprisoned Pacific Northwest grand jury resisters, this 80-page zine also functions as a timely primer on grand juries in general. Includes the resisters’ statements, news articles, primary source documents, tips on what to do if you’re subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury, and a detailed history of grand juries and their use as a tool to suppress political organizing and revolutionary struggle in the United States.

As part of Making Worlds’ collective discussion on the current crisis and social movements in southern Europe, we will be facilitating a discussion with comrades in Lisbon. Resistance to austerity in Portugal has picked up in recent months, so we’re looking forward to hearing the latest reports from the ground on the situation there. We’ll […]

A 108-page anthology zine covering the recent controversy over the Chris Hedges essay, “The Cancer in Occupy.” Produced for the “Occupy Tactics” debate that took place at the CUNY Graduate Center on September 12th, 2012.