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Organizing Strategies Against State Repression

Thursday, March 7th, 2013 @ 7PM / 16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor / New York, NY 10004 – As the economic system continues to stagnate and convulse, and inequality worsens, revolt and the struggle for a different society intensify. However, the repressive apparatuses of the state also intensify and expand, cracking down even harder on those forces expressing dissent and attempting change. […]

For the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resisters [UPDATED]

Providing an overview of the circumstances surrounding the imprisoned Pacific Northwest grand jury resisters, this 80-page zine also functions as a timely primer on grand juries in general. Includes the resisters’ statements, news articles, primary source documents, tips on what to do if you’re subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury, and a detailed history of grand juries and their use as a tool to suppress political organizing and revolutionary struggle in the United States.

Letter Writing to Political Prisoners

13 August 2012 – 4PM The Turnhalle Franz-Ulrich Strasse, 20, 34117, Kassel, Germany There are those events which one never leaves – a single moment, a miscommunication at a meeting, a misstep on a march. Say the wrong thing to a cop or a judge, and you lose one hundred days, years, imprisoned. As you […]

A Gesture of Solidarity

UPDATE:┬áThank you for signing our solidarity statement and supporting those facing political repression. We have a long and rough journey ahead of us but we are inspired by the outpouring of support that we have already received with more than 250 organizations signing on. As of Thursday, the grand jury date for people subpoenaed in […]