November Solidarity Dinner & Potluck at the Base

Saturday, November 16th 2013, 7PM
The Base
1302 Myrtle Avenue, NY 11221
$3 Suggested Donation

Please join us this Saturday for the next open communal dinner and potluck at the Base. We’ll be cooking another simple vegan meal, but encourage others to bring stuff as well: fruits, vegetables to cook or eat raw, breads and cheeses, wines and juices, sweets—whatever. We ask for a small $3 suggested donation to help cover the costs of the food we’ll be cooking.

This is a chance to give ourselves the time and space to eat and talk and find each other; to directly counter the dispersal and isolation that seem more and more to define our everyday lives. We want to move more towards collectively sustaining ourselves outside of our individual relations with the marketplace and state—we want to achieve greater material autonomy collectively. This means initiating a series of practices; being consistent and reliable; establishing a basis for a new form of life. What we are proposing is a different strategy of resistance to the vulnerability and precarity that make up our lives today.

We are interested in a politics that takes seriously our very reproduction as a basis for self-organization. A politics which recognizes that to organize collectively around our needs with friends, comrades, lovers, roommates, neighbors, co-workers and family members will become the basis for our communes—that our revolutionary cells will necessarily be based around affinity to each other and the lives we share. Our ability to overcome the degradations brought on by both economic and environmental crises alike relies on our capacity for solidarity, and our willingness to get organized.

Don’t eat alone. Don’t eat standing up in your kitchen. Don’t eat while riding the subway. Don’t eat walking from the bodega to your house. Don’t eat sitting in front of Netflix or Facebook. Don’t forget to eat because you are too busy or distracted by this civilization. Don’t let the pain and misery of this life get you down.

The Base:

The Base is a new radical space rooted in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. In the last month the Base has continued its weekly Spanish classes and its biweekly Critical History of the Police workshop; has done support work for our comrade Jerry Koch, currently in prison for resisting a federal grand jury; hosted reportback presentations by comrades from Greece and Brazil; started a bi-weekly Introduction to Anarchism reading group and The Jane Adams Circle, a mutual aid self therapy group; and more and more.