Saturday: Solidarity Dinner & Potluck at the Base

Saturday, October 26th 2013, 7PM
The Base
1302 Myrtle Avenue, NY 11221
$3 Suggested Donation

All are invited to an open communal dinner and potluck at the Base this Saturday, October 26th at 7 PM. We’ll be cooking a simple vegan meal, but encourage others to bring food as well: fruits, vegetables to cook or eat raw, breads and cheeses, wines and juices, sweets–whatever you want to bring, cook, share with others. We ask for a small $3 suggested donation to help cover the costs of the food we’ll be cooking.

This is a chance to give ourselves the time and space to eat and talk and meet each other without it being in the context of some event, or other professionalized, theatrical atmosphere. We hope to directly counter the social fragmentation and isolation that seem more and more to be part of our everyday lives.

The hope with these open dinners is to encourage a series of communal meals in different neighborhoods and spaces around the city. Ultimately we desire to move towards sustaining ourselves outside of the state and market relations, achieving material autonomy, and abolishing money, hunger and loneliness. In order to do so we need to find each other, find the food, find spaces with the capability and disposition to host such gatherings.

We are interested in a politics that takes seriously our very reproduction as a basis for our self-organization. A politics which recognizes that to organize collectively around our needs with our friends, comrades, lovers, roommates, neighbors, co-workers and family members will become the basis for our communes–that our revolutionary cells will necessarily be based around affinity to each other and the lives we share as we struggle for a world without capitalism.

We were reminded of this necessity for self-organization last October following the havoc wreaked simply by some rain and wind in the form of Superstorm Sandy. Now, one year later, it’s clear that the vulnerability and precarity revealed by Sandy are still with us. Such conditions simply become normalized, like the financial crisis we’ve been dealing with for the last five years, or the militarization of our lives since 2001. Our ability to overcome such degradation relies on our capacity for solidarity, and our willingness to get organized.

The Base:

The Base is a new radical space rooted in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Since it opened up in August it has been host to weekly Spanish classes; a weekly workshop on labor struggles in America, “History is a Weapon”; a bi-weekly study group on “A Critical History of the Police”; anti-displacement workshops with Frank Morales; film screenings; and a number of other presentations and discussions.